Friday, July 3, 2009

Ryan Smyth traded to Los Angeles

Kings get a hell, er...H E double-hockey-sticks of a player and the Avs get...el crap-O.
Thanks for nothing General Sherman. This is a real crap trade. Kyle Quincey, Tom Preissing and a 5th round pick. The interesting part of this is...didn't Smyth have to ok this? I guess when you know you aren't wanted anymore...

The Avs don't even need D-men...unless they don't happen to be done dumping salary.

Lappy and Smyth were two of my favorite Avs, they aren't doing much so far to get me to watch them next season.

As much as I've been optimistic about Sakic coming back to this team, I don't know why he would come back to this garage-sale club.

As Dater rightly points out, the Avs have too many D and some one making a lot of money is going to go, presumably Hannan, Clark and/or Salei. Maybe even Foote?
So, according to some, Quincey is good on the power play, a severe weakness for the Avs last season. So far that is the only up-side to this trade that I see.
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