Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Joe Sakic

It's time for Joe to go. We all knew it would happen one day. We never wanted to see this day. But here it is. So, not unlike others I wanted to post some of my favorite Joe memories.

Favorite moment #1 was the fight I didn't see. I heard the call in my truck, sitting at a light, I was going crazy! Haynes was great. Here's the video.

Obviously Sakic was not a fighter, but that moment stands out because it was so unexpected and because Mike Haynes matched my astonishment and excitement for the moment.

Joe was a scoring and passing player. But compared to a guy we also saw a lot of, Peter Forsberg, Joe was not real flashy. When Forsberg had the puck he was weaving and moving and you were expecting something any second. When Joe had the puck it wasn't like that. We knew something was going to happen, but it still was often as much a surprise to the fans as it was to the guy that Joe just burned. Just that fast the puck was in the back of the net. One minute the D has him covered, the next they are avoiding eye contact with their goalie. As I heard one person describing it, Joe would just appear at times, in the right place, with the puck on his stick and bam, that wrist shot was off. Brilliant!

But let's not forget we almost lost Joe, he signed that offer sheet with the Rangers. That was a close call for all. I mean, c'mon Joe. But hey, he more than doubled his salary. Well, you really can't blame him, wouldn't we all like to double our salary? It's arguable that if Joe had gone to NY, we would never have gotten that second cup!

Speaking of that second cup, favorite moment #2 has to be this goal against the Devils. Sakic fakes a slapper from the circle, faking out Scott Stevens, then using him as a shield Sakic shoots between Stevens' legs, past Brodeur! What a shot.
It's at 1:50 of the video.

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