Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Broncos Road Trip to Seattle

I think we will do a little photo essay on the Bronco games this year so let's kick it off with the game in Seattle!
Here's a little pre-game-street entertainment. Fortunately Denver has a talented sax player that we pass by every home game. You should have heard him sing, whew.

The Hawks fans were out in force, but there were a lot of Bronco fans too!

Qwest Field

The Bud Clydesdales were out front.

Nice view of downtown from our seats.

Broncos warming up to a loud round of booing. Interesting how loud the booing was considering the number of empty seats. Hmmm...when the Hawks came out a strong cheer started to gain momentum...but still so few fans. Seattle is well known for their loud fans and of course have been accused of piping in noise. And considering the noise level in the stadium before the game even started, I was beginning to wonder.

A little game entertainment.
The Hawks introduced to that now familiar swell of cheering that sounds suspiciously like a volume control being dialed up.

Stand up, shut up and pay respect!
Like the triple ocho. Hmmm...maybe we will see a lot of that, the ocho connection. That would be nice!

Coin toss.
What football game?

Oh yeah, the one where you get hit hard enough that you need to go to the sideline and retch in a can...ouch.

Hope this guy has a great year.
Some comments about the stadium, its a nice shiny new stadium and they did a nice job. Huge concourse, wide tunnels, lots of bathrooms, cool architecture.
Jones soda is a major sponsor, so there are no fountain drinks, only Jones soda in 16oz bottles, sans the lid, of course. Kinda weird.
Ocho Orton done for the night.

There are a half dozen of these score boards all around the stadium with tons of good stats that are static. In other words they are always there, they are flashing through to other stats or ads. It's great.
As the game went on and the stadium filled up, I noticed that the 12th man is alive and well in Seattle. The team makes a big deal about it and that is cool. Lots of fans wear No. 12 jerseys with FAN as the name. Is it cool? Is it a jersey foul on the Jim Jones scale? I dunno. But I do know the difference between piped in noise and real noise. As the game went on my suspicions were confirmed. Several times early in the game the crowd noise was significant, I mad ea point to look all around me. It was a typical pre-season game, people were watching the game, sure, but just as many were texting, talking to their friends or eating...but not cheering. You're busted Seattle. If you are going to pipe in noise, be smart about it, don't do it when the place is nearly empty, that is what made me start thinking about it. In the middle of the game I would have never noticed.

The Broncos were the losers but we had a great trip. Hopefully we can bring you some more of these photo essays of the home games and maybe even another road game this season. You can get stats and rants anywhere, but we've got the game experience! Look for another post after "Cutler Bowl"

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