Sunday, August 30, 2009

Da Bears come to town...

This week it's back to Broncos Country!!! Not that it helped.

For what may be to only highly touted game of the year on the Broncos schedule. Of course, that is due to the trade involving this man.

But Jay wasn't the only one feeling the love tonight!

It's good!

Ah! Some Bronco fans. Seriously, there were a ton of Bears fans, as to be expected, lots of people sell their preseason tix. the cheerleaders or the punter during time outs????
Yeah, yeah, lots of Bears fans.

Crazy fan!

Cutler was near our seats a lot and despite all the booing when he took the field, there was little said to him during his time on the sidelines.
Cutler shoe.

Good one!

Well, that sums it up. Broncos better start playing better.

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