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2009 Bronco Season Predictions

The staff members here at Real Denver Sports have cobbled together their picks for the season. From the Point, The Shocker and our latest addition, giving us the female perspective on the sporting world, Gooseberryland.

Gooseberryland has been a life long Denver sports fan. One of her best memories is from the time she got to caddy for Rich Karlis at the age of fourteen. You can thank her for all the great photos of the Bronco games.

Up first is The Shocker:

Broncos 2009 Season
Game 1: Broncos VS Bengals Winner: Bengals
With Carson Palmer healthy and Ochocinco back with the smack talking and trying to prove he’s still one of the elite WR out there, the game should be tight but the Broncos just won’t be able to pull off a win.
Game 2: Browns VS Broncos Winner: Broncos
This should be the Broncos first win of the season. The Browns haven’t been good for years; both their QB’s have been inconsistent in the preseason, although I do think Brady Quinn will get the start. Hopefully Orton will be able to get some good chemistry with his offense by week 2.
Game 3: Broncos VS Raiders Winner: Broncos
This is a simple one, the Raiders suck! The whole organization is a mess. This should be a fairly easy game for the Broncos.
Game 4: Cowboys VS Broncos Winner: Cowboys
Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson, his mind isn’t clouded by fun bags anymore, and he will be focused on winning. The Broncos defense just won’t be able to stop the Cowboys offense.
Game 5: Patriots VS Broncos Winner: Patriots
There is no way that the Broncos have enough talent to beat the Patriots if they face a healthy and confident Tom Brady.
Game 6: Broncos VS Chargers Winner: Chargers
One player will be the difference in this game and that’s Darren Sproles. He’s going to run often and rush for a lot of yards. If that fails, Phillip Rivers will be there to pick up the slack. The Broncos rush defense just won’t be able to contain Sproles.
Game 7: Broncos VS Ravens Winner: Ravens
The Broncos weak offense will be facing one the best defense in the league, they’re going to have a hard time getting any momentum going. Look for Joe Flacco to look even better than he did in his rookie season.
Game 8: Steelers VS Broncos Winner: Steelers
Bronco victory, yeah right!!!! Steelers just have a better team. Period.
Game 9: Broncos VS Redskins
The Broncos could win this game but I still feel the Redskins will pull off the victory. Albert Haynesworth is going to crush Orton.
Game 10: Chargers VS Broncos Winner: Chargers
Same reasons as above.
Game 11: Giants VS Broncos Winner: Giants
Although they lost Burress the Giants still have a good team. Eli will try to prove that his big contract was worth it. It comes down to the fact that the Broncos D isn’t strong enough.
Game 12: Broncos VS Chiefs Winner: Chiefs
The Broncos just can’t win a day game in Kansas City.
Game 13: Broncos VS Colts Winner: Colts
The Colts have a new coach, they’re getting old, lost a good WR but it doesn’t matter, they will still beat the Broncos. They have one of the best QB’s out there.
Game 14: Raiders VS Broncos Winner: Broncos
Finally the Broncos will taste victory again after 10 straight losses. The Raiders will still suck after 13 games so they should be easy to beat.
Game 15: Broncos VS Eagles Winner: Eagles
The Eagles have one of the best teams in the NFL this year, there’s no way that the Broncos are going to be able to beat them. They’re facing way too much talent to even put up a fight.
Game 16: Chiefs VS Broncos Winner: Broncos
The Broncos will finish the season with a win. Although they can’t beat the Chiefs in their own arena, they can sure as hell beat them at Invesco Field.

So to recap, I have the Broncos going 4-12. Although this is low and I wish I could say they could win more games than that, I just can’t. The Broncos made too many mistakes in the offseason. They were one of the best offenses in 2008 and what’s the first thing they do in the offseason, bring in a new coach and piss off the QB and the best WR on the team. That’s awesome! I do think that Cutler and Marshall acted like babies, especially Marshall (what a dumbass!), but the Broncos didn’t do much to make their star players feel wanted. I do have high hopes for Knowshon Moreno but it just won’t be enough because the guy leading this team right now is…………………..Kyle Orton. SEASON OVER!

From the Point has this to say:

8 is Enough, Or Is It?

The Broncos are going to win 8 games this season. Yep, an amazing feat, no doubt. In fact it seems such an unlikely accomplishment that I can’t really even justify it with anything I’ve seen in the preseason. I can’t tell you that the Broncos are the retooled prodigy of Josh McGenius, that Ocho-Orton is all that, that the defense will be great…nope, I can’t tell you any of that with a straight face. But what I can tell you is that this is Denver, not Detroit. These are the Broncos, not the Bungles.
Flat out, there is no way that this team will ever sink that low in the Bowlen era. Don’t see it happening. Will there be disappointments? Of course, we are already there, have been for years, that’s why Shanny was canned. Say what you will about McDaniels, but he will manage more wins out of this team than they ought to get, that I’m confident of.
So, here we go…
The season will get off to a pretty nice start with the Broncos going into the bye week with a 4 – 2 record. Broncos win at Cincinnati, the home opener against Cleveland and again on the road against the miserable Raiders. Dallas will finally bring the Broncos back to Earth, and reality, with a crushing defeat. Reeling from the Dallas game, the team will rally behind McDaniels and the student will become the master, McDaniels will beat Belichick's Patriots.
After the bye, things will go decidedly downhill, unfortunately. But lets be honest, it IS a very tough schedule. The next win may be at Washington or possibly the Thanksgiving Day game against the Giants, just because I don’t want my Thanksgiving Day ruined!
After that tough mid-season stretch, the Broncos should be able to handle the Raiders once again as well as the Chiefs, yes, home AND away.
Now, sweeping any division team is difficult, so the Broncos may drop one of those but could pick up an easy win against Philly. They may be clinched and resting players…maybe.
I don’t think this season is going to be the disaster that many do, in terms of season record. For the new coach, new QB, new system, yadda yadda yadda, 8 IS Enough. I do think it will be a difficult season for Ocho Orton. I don’t expect him to start every game; instead I suspect he will get benched for a period of games. At QB, 8 will not be enough.

Gooseberryland says:

Broncos will go 9-7 for the 2009 season

I predict that Orton will be the backup quarter back by the end of October and that either Simms or Brandstater will emerge as the one who should have started the season. One of the Chicago fans told me today that they loved Orton in Chicago…AS A BACKUP…and nothing more.

Broncos Win

Game 1 Broncos @ Cincinnati – Broncos Win
It’s sad that Ochocinco’s Twittering habits are getting more press than the game itself. The Broncos are coming out in full force, with Marshall and Orton getting their acts together for game time. A win for sure against the Bengals.

Game 2 Broncos vs. Cleveland – Broncos Win
The vibes from Shannon Sharpe being in the building for the Ring of Fame induction will spark the Broncos into the end zone numerous times.

Game 3 Broncos @ Oakland – Broncos Win
What else needs to be said about Oakland? Losers last year, losers this year and for years to come.

Game 9 Broncos @Washington – Broncos Win

Game 10 Broncos vs. San Diego – Broncos Win

Game 11 Broncos vs. NY Giants – Broncos Win
Big win on Turkey Day. Home crowd on a holiday. What could be more fun? Seeing Eli Manning dressed up in a turkey costume might be fun!

Game 12 Broncos @ Kansas City – Broncos Win

Game 14 Broncos vs. Oakland – Broncos Win

Game 16 Broncos vs. Kansas City – Broncos Win

Broncos Lose

Game 4 Broncos vs. Dallas – Broncos Lose
Now that Romo can focus on the game again, rather than his celebrity girlfriend, he has a promising year ahead.

Game 5 Broncos vs. New England – Broncos Lose
The Broncos shouldn’t lose in their awesome brown and yellow throw back jerseys, but Brady will be laughing so hard at the vomit colored jerseys that he won’t be able to see straight to throw the ball. However, I think the Patriots will still be able to pull out a win.

Game 6 Broncos @ San Diego – Broncos Lose

Game 7 Broncos @ Baltimore – Broncos Lose

Game 8 Broncos vs. Pittsburgh – Broncos Lose

Game 13Broncos @ Indianapolis – Broncos Lose

Game 15 Broncos @ Philadelphia – Broncos Lose

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