Friday, October 2, 2009

Joe Sakic Night

Before we even got to the arena, we spotted Joe Sakic jerseys on nearly everyone we saw. We headed into a nearby watering hole and we got a pic of this guy still living the Detriot Red Wings - Colorado Avalanche rivalry! "F THE WINGS" The question has to be asked, is it a jersey foul? If I can get it posted over at PuckDaddy we can let the masses decide. In Denver, I say no foul! Well, well, well! Wasn’t Joe Sakic night just the bomb? The Real Denver Sports staff had a great time at the game and rather good seats, thanks to pure luck. Sitting on the club level is a rare treat in of itself. And we happened to pick the best corner, Joe was talking right to us!

And just by luck, we were sitting just in front of the suites that were full of former Colorado Avalanche players was a fun bonus. It all started early as we were making our way down the hall for our seats. An out-of-place sound was heard by The Shocker, the sound of people speaking French! He turned around and struck up a brief conversation with his fellow French-Canadians. As the couple ducked into their suite, Gooseberryland said, hey, wasn’t that Pierre Turgeon? Sure enough! As the night went on we eventually spotted, Forsberg, Dan Hinote (sans wife, bummer), Scott Parker and Alexei Gusarov in the suite. Good fun! Even Sakic came by for a brief visit.
Pierre Turgeon
Parker, Sakic and Hinote, Forsberg is turned, speaking the Joe.
Peter signing a jersey before the Pepsi-Nazis put a stop to it.
Oh yeah, and there was a hockey game too! Here is a great break out pass from that guy Quincey (that I was bashing earlier) to Duchene. Nice job on the photos by The Shocker

There were several of these amazing moments from Duchene. I don't know how the Avs could even think of sending this kid back. He didn't score but it shouldn't be long!
-From the Point
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  1. Great pictures! Good job by The Shocker.

  2. Facing the suite, we were in the section just to the right of the suite. Standing in the beer line, the door opened and there I was, in my Forsberg jersey, staring at Forsberg. Joe Sakic night could not have been any better as we got to Joe and Peter so upclose. Our friends also had the suite above us so we got to check that out too. Great pics. Thanks for posting! - Texacogirl

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Texacogirl! Yeah, just seeing the other players there made it even more fun.

  4. Great pics!!! We were sitting in the 3rd row by the Sakic banner. In pic28 we are right above the glass above the Oppenheimer sign on the boards.

    Sad to see the final end to an ere, but what a wonderful sendoff and a great game too.

    Thank you for posting!
    The Nester

  5. Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by! Pretty funny that you found yourself in my pictures.
    Here's hoping the Avs have a LOT more games like that one!