Sunday, October 4, 2009

Broncos Surprise the Cowboys

...and a lot of nay-sayers too!!!

More jersey fouls...I asked this guy what the heck this was all about. Well, all I got was something about how he wasn't a flashy guy. Ok! Not sure why he picked #8. Is it a jersey foul? Discuss. Here's a new bar in the stadium, I wonder where they got the goal post? Could it be vintage Mile High Stadium? Anyone know? Nice job on the anthem by Face. GREAT fly over that I was too busy enjoying to shoot! Romo beginning to look perturbed. Great series showing Dumervil putting the pressure on Romo.

Dumervil didn't get Romo that time, but
Romo still spent plenty of time on his back! hehehe
Two grown men arguing about a football call...with pink gloves and pink sweat bands...who knows, maybe they are playing a little patty cake game. They look out of sync.
A proud Broncos fan!
Marshall runs it in for the win!
Cowboys fans needed some first aid after that loss.
-From the Point


  1. Love the Dumervil/Romo shots! And the long-time Bronco fan.

  2. Wait, you sit in front of cheerleaders and you didn't even take a pictures of them with the new camera?!?!?!?! I'm confused!

  3. I have video my friend! Would you like to see it? $19.99!!!

  4. Note: I said PROUD Bronco fan, YOU said LONG-TIME Bronco fan!! :)