Sunday, October 4, 2009

Avs Surprise...Everyone

From Mirtle's twitter feed..."Undefeated Avs... interesting"

And now I have to wait till Thursday for game 3? Ugh.
Magnum over at Disgruntled Avalanche Blogger - "I don't think anyone saw a 2-0-0 start coming..."
Avs have lowest attendance in the NHL for Saturday's game??
Also from Lambert, via Dater - "Of all the places you'd think only 13,416 would show up, I bet you wouldn't have picked Colorado."
Give it a break already. This is Colorado where people can still go outside in October, it was a nice day and the game was at 1PM. Oh yeah, and the Avs were a LAST place team and the Avs Mange* decide to keep prices in the stratosphere. Joe Sakic night tickets?...a premium game, as I was told by a rep, that's why they were EVEN MORE expensive than the regularly stupid-expensive price. You can bet the Capitals game will also be a "premium" game.
-From the Point
*Avs Mange - Avs Mange is how I will refer to the Avs Management when I am speaking of one of their annoying, stupid, fan-repulsive, B.S. maneuvers. Of which there has been no shortage, lately.

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