Friday, October 30, 2009

Bronco prediction - update

So it occurs to me that I was way off when it came to predicting how well the Broncos would do this season. I had them going 4-12, boy was I wrong. But then again, even the experts didn't have the Broncos going 6-0 after week 7. I wrote my predictions on a Sunday morning, I was really really drunk........ ehhh, I mean, I just got back from church. Wait, you're not buying that, ok, I just flat out underestimated the Broncos. Obviously McDaniels knows what he's talking about, Orton is a pretty decent starting QB, Moreno is pretty impressive and Dumervil is awesome! Marshall had his little tantrum in the preseason but he came back to earth and started playing some good football. My new prediction for the Broncos is 13-3.

Just to point out though that there has been a bunch of unexpected this season. The bad teams are really bad, and the good teams are really good. After week 7, we still have 3 undefeated team and 3 winless teams. The Titans are 0-6, what the hell happened there?!?!? The Eagles lost to the Raiders, come on!!! I can see the Rams going 0-16, yes they are that bad. Every time the Jaguars, the Panthers and the Bills play, it's pick a guess, any guess as to what team is actually going to show up. How is it possible that the Bills lose to the Browns 6-3 and the next week they beat the Jets. BTW, Mark Sanchez can actually play, just not when it's cold outside, which might be a big problem since he plays in New-York. The Saints are insane. At this point, I really want to see the Broncos VS the Saints in the Superbowl. Wouldn't that be awesome?!?!?!?!

The Shocker


  1. Oh sure! Now they are Superbowl bound! That is a lot of orange Kool-aid you are gulping down! Ok, so I'd like to see that too!
    And the three losses are going to be to who?

  2. I like the way you are thinking now, Shocker. The Broncos in the Superbowl - against anybody. I'm not picky.