Sunday, November 1, 2009

2009 Bronco Season Predictions - Bye Week Update

The bye-week seems like as good a time as any for the staff to own up to our miserable ability to predict anything Broncos related. We are so bad we couldn't predict high winds in a hurricane, then again, the Denver weather casters aren't much better. And they make a lot more than we do.
Original Predictions
The Shocker 4-12

From the Point 8-8

Goseberryland 9-7

Obviously The Shocker has the most explaining to do in the record department. His explanation? See below, it was either alcohol or dyslexia. 4-12, 12-4, close enough!

As far as record predictions at the bye-week, I've done the best, though 4-2 is a far cry from this 6-0 that we are sitting on. The Shocker had them at 2-4 and Gooseberryland at 3-3.

That said, it means that Gooseberryland may have be looking at the best second half prediction.

But we're all going to re-assess and try to come up with a final record.

From the Point: At this point I think the Broncos easily go 5-5, post-bye. The Colts, Steelers and Giants will be tough. Baltimore and Philly will be tough as well simply because they are road games.

From the Point: 12-4

Gooseberryland: 16-0! Nuff said.

The Shocker: 13-3

Now here is where we look like we will earn a 100% fail. Everyone of us said that Kyle Orton wasn't going to make it through the season without getting benched. That seems highly unlikely at this point in time. People on the radio are already giving him a new contract, MVP honors, the keys to the city! It's Kool-aid time in Denver!! Ain't it great?

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