Sunday, October 25, 2009

Denver Jersey Fouls

When Greg Wyshynski started his entertaining Jersey Fouls posts on Puck Daddy I was surprised at how many people he was able to find. People with weird, stupid, just plain dumb jerseys. But like a lot of things that one is made aware of, once I started looking around I noticed they were all around me. So I thought it would be fun to run a few of the ones I see around here in Denver.
Snapped this pic at the recent Broncos - Patriots game. I'm no New England Patriots expert, but I couldn't recall any notable players for that organization that wore #13. Maybe it's a nod to the original 13 colonies? Obviously he is a Jimmy Buffet fan. Buffet has recently entered into a deal with the Miami Dolphins. I guess this guy is just lost in Margaritaville?

At a recent Avs game I noticed this fan wearing the jersey of Rene Corbet. Corbet was on the '95-96 Stanley Cup winning team. So it seems ok to be sporting his jersey. Then again, he was involved in the (forgotten) worst trade the Avs ever made. Corbet, Wade Belak and Robyn Regehr were traded to the Flames for Chris Dingman and Theoren Fluery. Fluery's now well documented demons meant he was a bust in Denver. Regehr is still a solid defensive player in Calgary. Is it a foul? Naw, I don't think so, players rarely have anything to do with trades.

What's this? A John Elway Avalanche jersey? Look, the guy was the bomb in this town, but I'm pretty sure he played for the Broncos. I mean, here you are dropping some coin for Avs tix, and you are apparently a big enough fan of hockey that you paid good money for that custom jersey. You just couldn't decide on a favorite AVALANCHE player?

Look, Granato was a good player with a long career. But he was canned in this town twice. Don't wear his jersey to the Avs game. Maybe you should save it for the games you go to on the West Coast and spring for an Avs jersey for these games in Denver, eh?

-From the Point

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  1. ROFL@ the AVS Elway jersey, its could have been worse, like his own name with the numbers 00 on the back