Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's Going on in this Town?

Western Conference Standings photo shopped? Really? Colorado 1st? Detroit 11th? No, it's not photo shopped, it's not a dream...but it is early. But it's still oh so sweet. And as ugly as things were last year, it's all the more sweet.

So talk about surprises, sure we all really wanted Duchene to stick, but it was still a pleasant surprise. As a fan we never really know what the master plan is behind the double doors emblazoned with the frosted "A". Most of us have spent our time and energy talking about what's best for the kids, are they ready, will it stunt their development? Is that really what the Avs management is discussing? Are they thinking only of ticket sales? I'm sure it's not that B&W, but either way Chris Stewart is now on his way to Erie and Ryan O'Reilly is looking for a more permanent residence, well, well, well, that really is a surprise.

And then we have this! Not only is this completely unexpected, it's completely nuts!
In case you haven't heard, Matt Duchene has a new place to live, he's moved into Capt Foote's home. So, Orton, McDaniels...I know you guys are super busy, so I went out (virtually) and went house shopping for ya! I know, I know, I was pretty dubious when you came to town, but I'm here to help. Did you know Plummer's old house is still for sale? Yeah, and it's only 3.8M. It's a beauty!
Ok, that is pretty pricey, how about Cutler's? It's for sale too, only 1.7M. Now, don't let any bad mojo hold you back! Ain't nothing holding this team back right now.

Heck, I went out and spent $462 on gear today. Bronco gear orange and blue, Retro duds yellow and stripped. I got it all! I wanted to beat the rush!

So all this brings us back to...what IS going on in this town? Two teams that ALL the pundits said were going to be AWFUL!
I'll tell you is wrong...press the play button.

Enjoy the Ride!

-From the Point

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