Monday, October 19, 2009

Tyler Arnason Update

Arny continues to tear up the minors in Hartford. He was a healthy scratch for the home opener.
Hartford Wolf Pack
He's scoreless and a -3. Way to hustle!

BTW - Tyler appears to be a part of the Twitterverse at
Tyler has nothing to say...
but enjoys following such deep thinkers as Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, P. Diddy and even the crafty Martha Stewart!
Obviously one of his favs is YouLookGreat, whose bio states: Your daily passive-aggressive affirmation.
Here are some example tweets;
YouLookGreat "knows you're NOT better than that."
YouLookGreat "says even though today might be tough, feel better because tomorrow will probably be worse."
Yep, that sounds like Arny!
Arny, if you're reading this, please, Please, PLEASE follow me on Twitter...I'm BEGGING!

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