Sunday, October 18, 2009

Matt Duchene Going Nowhere!

Matt Duchene appears to be staying "up" with the big boys. Time to move out of that hotel Matt!

Hey Wings fans, you'll get to make snarky remarks about Duchie all year long...while he is smoking your WEAK goalie!!! Ha-Ha!

News dug up by Jori at Colorado Avalanche Prospects, is she good or what?

Brampton Battalion site... "...Colorado Avalanche informed Battalion coach Stan Butler that Duchene, 18, will play the rest of the season with the National Hockey League team."

Duchene was informed...after the win over Detroit

As casually as this is mentioned I think it must be a mistake that Brampton let the cat out of the bag. There's nothing on the Avs site or the local news.

Perhaps we will see a Monday morning press release?

Big thanks to Jori for finding all this info!

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