Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Broncos Underwhelm

The sea of black and gold in my section was not a good omen. I'm really beginning to dislike Steeler fan. The last two times they have been in our house they have delivered crushing losses to my Broncos, waving their stupid towels and propping up their drunken women. It's disgusting!It's like a game, find the Bronco fan. Of course we are getting used to this, sitting on the visitor side. So far Steeler fan and Bears fan have been the most popular.

Ok, see the "Go Steelers" sign? You'll notice that you can't see the guy holding the sign. That's because he was ducking me every time I tried to shoot him. Why? Good question. Why would the proud Steeler fan keep ducking the camera when just minutes ago he was waving that sign in my face? I'll tell you. A couple minutes before taking this picture, he had a much bigger sign with a salute to his Steelers and Veterans.
He quickly trimmed it when Gooseberryland told him that he had spelled Veterans incorrectly. Yeah, she just couldn't wait till I got the pic first, oh no! He argued with her and she told him, ok, just think how stupid you are going to look when you get on ESPN!! Seconds later he rolled up his sign and was on the phone, apparently with a spell-checker. We never saw the rest of the sign again.

This is about as hot as the Broncos got all night.

Big Ben directing the troops and one of the few times Dumervil got some good pressure.
Monday Night Football means there are 423 cameras on the game. These guys spent a lot of time parked right in front of us. Thanks guys.

Who is this unhappy fellow? Why he's the water boy for the cheerleaders. No, really! Every game he is out there passing out Gatorade to the ladies. But this game was so bad that even a great job like cheerleader water boy couldn't keep a happy face on Bronco staff.

Attendance was pretty good, with ~600 no-shows. Of course, half the stadium was Steeler fan. Pathetic!

Here's a nice series showing just how slippery Brandon Marshall can be. Notice in the last pic that his foot is about to break free. Just when you think you have him he manages to pull out of your grasp and get a couple more yards.
But the Broncos couldn't escape their lack of offense and the Steelers win this one.
Don't worry Bronco faithful, next week the Broncos should be able to get well against the crappy Redskins.
-From the Point

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