Monday, November 9, 2009

Five for Fighting Monday

Heading into the week it's a good idea to be prepared for the fight ahead.
Cody McLeod and Adam Burish are here to help us prepare for our first day of the weekly rat race. Try pounding the crap out of your Monday the way McLeod hands it to Burish. That should get your week off to a good start!
The Avs meet the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night in the Windy City. Mr. Mustache and the Hawks will be looking for revenge (in the form of a W) for the recent loss in Denver. Besides, neither McLeod or Burish is fit for a rematch in the game scheduled for Wednesday night. McLeod is still recovering from his eye injury and wearing a visor. Common sense would dictate he avoid going toe-to-toe with anyone, though he is as feisty as ever. Adam Burish went down in the preseason with an ACL injury and is currently on IR.
So if it's no-shave November, shouldn't coach Q consider shaving his permanent 'stache to provide the ying to the yang for the rest of us that are growing the facial hair?

-From the Point

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