Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Broncos Post-Mortem

I recently read a column in Mile High Sports magazine about selling Bronco tickets. The columnist was defending his right and his decision to sell his tickets to the Denver/Pittsburgh game. It was an interesting read and believe me, I completely understand the guilt. I also agree with the reasoning. Unless you have spent around $20,000 on season tickets for the last 15 years, I don’t really care what you think about me selling a game here and there.
Nonetheless, the guilt is so palpable to me, and apparently to other long time season ticketholders. But my girlfriend doesn’t seem to share quite the same level of remorse that I do. But then these tickets were my dad’s tickets since 1963. Goosey was talking to her parents and just blurted out that we weren’t going to the KC game and I flinched with guilt at the mere mention. But the past couple years we have missed last game for various reasons, with the tickets going to waste so we decided to sell this year’s last game.

I thought good God woman, you don’t divulge that stuff! That’s a point of shame; if I sell my tickets I must conceal that fact! At least I must lie and say that I verified that I sold my tickets to Bronco fans and I didn’t sell them for some un-Godly amount of money. Well, now it’s all out, was it a Bronco fan? Hell if I know, StubHub doesn’t have this option. Did I sell them for gobs of money? It was KC, what do you think?

Well anyway, on to the predictions: looks like I should have stuck to my guns on the 8-8 prediction I made here. But how could I resist bumping it up after that 6-0 start? C’mon! You did too! Right? It’s really too bad the Broncos only won two games after the break. At the time I really had a hard time believing this team could choke this badly in the second half of the season. I said in my prediction that McDaniels would get more wins out of this team than they deserve. I was half-right. The Broncos beating the Patriots and Dallas was brilliant. Losing to the Raiders and the Chiefs in the home stretch was a disgrace.

But as I also said, Denver is no Detroit and we aren’t the new Bungles. Hmm, how ‘bout them Bengals? Wow. One lucky bounce and the Broncos wouldn’t even have been 8-8.
As for predicting that Orton wouldn’t make it through the season as the starter, well, he almost didn’t but it was because of injury. Simms was sure a bomb, however. Sad.

-From the Point


  1. What happened? I had the Broncos in the AFC Championship after the first half. But if it makes you feel better, I sold the last three games to the Jay Cutler Bears.

  2. We all had the Broncs in the Championship, if not the Super Bowl, after the first half. But at the beginning of the season, we didn't think we'd even make 8-8. Just goes to show. And, John, you may have missed Cutler's best games of the season.

  3. I'm not sure what is worse, the Jay Cutler Bears or the Josh McDaniels Broncos.

  4. I was surprised you didn't sell all your tickets at the first of the season. They won about 6 more than they had the talent or the coaching for. But you two are glttons for punishment. Which leads to next year. The amount you can sell those ticket for might be an indication of how well they will do. Sort of a "futures contract" on the broncos. In fact, putting futures contracts together on the teams might be quite rewarding. (We can't run a "book", but I think we could get the Chicago Bd of Trade to work with us . . .)

  5. Ouch! That's harsh. I'm hoping you'll have to eat those words next year.