Monday, January 25, 2010

Five for Fighting Monday

Last season the Avs and the Stars had one fight filled game on Oct. 18th 2008. Of the six guys in those fights only two remain with the same two teams. Steve Ott and Cody McLeod.
With the Avs and the Stars facing off twice this week, we’re bound to see a little action between the two.
But last season they did not fight each other. Ott went up against Lappy and McLeod fought BJ Crombeen.
Here’s the Ott vs. Laperriere

Here’s the McLeod vs. Crombeen

And here is an interesting fight involving Steve Ott and Yan Stastny!

As far as I know Paul Stastny is yet to have an NHL fight. His father and two uncles had a few here and there. He’ll probably get one eventually and it’s bound to be as shocking as it was to see Wolski fighting the other night.


  1. According to - Stats brother, Yan has also fought.

    Really glad that you liked my Vic post. I would have been really disappointed if you hadn't approved.

  2. I know Yan has fought, it's right there above your comment! :)

    I do like the Vic post! I threw the first bomb and you dropped the hammer.