Monday, February 1, 2010

Five for Fighting Monday

Adam Foote hasn't had a fight in over two years, and not since Oct of 2003 has he fought in an Avs jersey. Friday night Foote was ready to go with Steve Ott of the Stars, in fact he dropped the gloves but Ott wussed out and skated away. Perhaps out of respect, Foote did not earn the unsportsmanlike penalty usually doled out to the one guy that drops the gloves.

Tomorrow the Avs play Columbus, and while a lot of BJ fans would probably like to drop the gloves with Foote, chances are higher that Jared Boll and Cody McLeod will duke it out. The two have gone at it before and McLeod can't seem to come out on top. Let's take a look.

So don't be surprised if McLeod has reviewed these videos himself in order to try to figure out what he needs to do to get a few good punches to land.

Foote has been a bit cranky all season, perhaps itching for a fight. He's currently third on the team in PIM despite no fights. For quite a while he was even leading the team in PIM. Well Nashville is your chance Footer. You and Jordin Tootoo have dropped the gloves several times back in your Columbus days. Take a gander...

Alrighty then...and the end of the week wraps up with the Oilers. There aren't many teams that the Avs fight more often than the Oil. And Ryan Wilson will probably be looking for Jean-Francois Jaques in this game. Jaques put Willie out of the last game with a huge hit behind the net. Wilson is a scrappy guy and I suspect he will want to let the Oil know he isn't going to put up with that. This season's series between the Oil and the Avs has been progressively heating up, beginning with a huge hit that Wilson put the Oil captain, Ethan Moreau. So I expect a few fisticuffs.

Have a great week folks and give it the ole one-two punch!

-From the Point

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