Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Men’s Short Program

NBCOlympics.com has this great scoring online where you just score the skaters live. You can see how other users are scoring and of course the judges.

The users, judges and I were all getting along until they scored Oda higher than Lambiel. Ridiculous. Oda was all skill and no feeling with mechanical choreography. Terrible work by the judges.

The users eventually rated Takahashi over Plushenko, yeah, arguable. But by the end of the night Lysacek first? No.

So here’s my scoring.

Now the judges and I don’t have the same values but I would say I did well to order the skaters in an order that is pretty close to that of the experts.

Turns out Johnny Weir was not the weirdo of the night. It’s hard to say what was worse: Contesti’s farmer overalls or Van Der Perren’s skeleton bodysuit

-From the Point

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