Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SUV’s vs Watchmakers

As a certified arrogant American, (aren’t we all?) I just want to ask Yahoo! what the heck they think they are doing with this ridiculous map of the world showing where the US is, as if you don’t already know! The only thing more maddening than American Conceit® is disingenuous modesty.

Speaking of arrogance, the Canadian team asked the IOC for a pass-thru to the Medal Round, I mean seriously, just give them the points, haven’t you seen the women’s team? Wow, what a power-house!

It’s Fat Tuesday and haven’t the Alcohol Olympics started in New Orleans? And what about Quebec City? Do they even care that Canada is playing a game today? Of course not!

I think Zach Parise should consider giving up his #9 for Lent and take the #8 so that I can call the Parise-Stastny-Kane line “The Crazy Eight” line! For those of you that are math-challenged, Stastny’s #26 ADDS UP TO eight, got that?

What I don’t understand about the box score of this game is how the score can be 3-1 but Drury doesn’t have a hat trick. Wha? Obviously there has been another major Olympic gaffe by the officials. Embarrassing!

I thought the Almost Crazy Eight line looked good. The US rolled over the Swiss like an SUV over a Timex. Yeah, I used a US made watch on purpose, the Swiss wouldn’t go away. You know, they just kept on ticking.

Where’s this youthful speed we were hearing all about? Well, maybe they were a little nervous? They came out flying but after peppering the Swiss goalie with no goals, they seemed to dial it down a little.

Speed kills!

Ok, I’ve got to go drive all over town to find the cheapest gas for my SUV. More later!

-From the Point

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