Saturday, April 24, 2010

Avs Can’t Hold off the Sharks

The Colorado Avalanche didn’t start game six the way the wanted to, allowing an early goal by the San Jose Sharks. It didn’t end the way they wanted it to either.

The San Jose Sharks came out in the third with the Thornton line reunited and buzzing around the Avs’ net. It foreshadowed the future.

The Avs scored at 4:51 of the third to give them the lead in the game, but it wouldn’t last for long.

Suddenly the game opened up with back and forth play and lost whistles. Next thing you know Boyle scored, the puck inexplicably hitting no one on the way in despite the Avs crowding the lane.

Less than two minutes later Pavelski scored on a two on one when Adam Foote lost his check along the boards.

Douglas Murray ended the Avs season, scoring the second empty netter of the night with 31 seconds left in the game.

Just 47 seconds into the game the Sharks Joe Pavelski scored on a wrap-around when Kyle Cumiskey couldn’t control the Avs-killer behind the net. Pavelski scored four key goals in this series, more than any of the high dollar guys on the Sharks team.

That opening goal was the seventh unanswered goal by the Sharks.

The period, though scoreless, went well for the Avs in that they managed good pressure on the Sharks in their zone. And Avs fans were shocked to see that the Avs earned the first power play opportunity of the game. It did not result in a goal but the Avs kept the pressure on and controlled the puck well.

The Avs wrapped the period with a 7-10 shot disadvantage on the Sharks.

Building on a decent first period, the Avs hit the ice in the second with more confidence and attitude. After the first period the Avs were behind in hits but closed out the second ahead of the Sharks.

At the 6:14 mark of the second period Marek Svatos came screaming down the wing with Joe Thornton checking him. Svatos got the advantage to the inside and cut in front of the net for a very nice goal to tie things up. Many Avs fans have been hoping for the Marek Svatos scoring touch to return for, well, all season.

Way to end the season on a high note, now go away.

The Avs were again controlling the puck but were not getting much in the way of scoring chances. But the confidence was back and so was the attitude.

You could see it when Chris Stewart took exception to Nichol giving Cumiskey a little bit of a late hit on an offside. A 4-on-4 ensued that ended with a penalty on Liles. A ridiculous situation with the 240 pound Murray turning in an Oscar-winning performance of being pinned to the boards by the slight Johnny Liles.

I’ve got some sea-side real estate in Colorado to sell that referee.

Avs start and end season with the Sharks, though with different results.

The Avs had a great season, better that even most (reasonable) Avs fans expected. I don’t think you will hear any complaining in this town. Sure, some well meaning advice during the off-season but we are all looking forward to a great team in the future.

I’ll be covering them as we go forward so be sure to check back in!

Well, time to shave.

See ya ‘round Avs fans!

-From the Point

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