Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Tears - Goodbye Playoff Beard

The tears have barely stopped flowing since the second empty- netter last night, just a really emotional time for me.  My stomach muscles hurt from sobbing myself to sleep. 
Some how I've pulled it together long enough to get a post up and even managed to shave the beard.
Here's a little playoff beard before and after photo shoot.  I'm pretty disappointed that it's time to shave it off.  For the obvious reasons but also because I was starting to get into the caveman look.  Gooseberry however, is quite happy that it is gone.

First the Before (notice the awesome Avs hat I got Lappy to sign)

Oh, and here's an intermediate shot.  The soul patch.  Always wanted one of those.  Probably just because Stevie Ray Vaughan used to sport one.  Mueller looks like he can wear one well enough, but I'm not kidding myself.  It lasted all of 10 minutes.

And now the After

Now that the Avs are out (sniff) I'm throwing in with the Hawks.  This is no doubt shocking news to many, especially Gooseberry, that I am willing to overlook Mr. Mustache and his evil ways to root for this team.  I could say that it's because I have family in Chicago and it's a good young team with good guys and fun to watch. 

But that really doesn't have anything to do with it.  It's the phenomenal goaltending I've seen all year, the brilliant coaching and of course Marian Hossa.  He's won everywhere he's ever played.  I can't miss!  And look, who doesn't love the team name and mascot?  A Blackhawk?  Awesome.  Know what else Stevie Ray Vaughan wore well besides a soul patch?  An Indian headdress!  Yeah, nothing cooler than a full headdress and a soul patch.  I'm amazed ALL Hawks fans are not dressed in a war bonnet for every game!

Since the Hawks aren't "my team" I feel zero responsibility to be objective or represent the intelligent or balanced fan.  No way buddy!  I'm a 100% bandwagon fan.  I have no idea who Cain and Taze are, are they brothers?!  So as the Hawks blaze through the playoffs I assure you that I will be providing hyperbole-laced bull crap like any good bandwagoner should! 

Of course Frenchy will also be appalled by my lack of Sid-love.  Whatever dude.  Ovie rocks!  Imagine the Caps and the Hawks in the Finals, the goalies would be so ragged by then it will be a score-fest to rival spring break in Cancun.

Oh, and bad news Goosey - I'm starting my Hawks playoff beard right ... NOW!

-From the Point


  1. No one was really that sad to see my playoff "beard" go.

    I think I'll jump on the Phoenix bandwagon. The wheels are a bit wobbly and I'm not sure how long it'll keep going, but Tuesday should be fun. :)

  2. That sounds like a worthy bandwagon for sure. Of course I'm always rooting for the Wings to lose and seeing former Avs help it along is great.