Monday, April 19, 2010

Five for Fighting Monday - Avs-Sharks Playoff Edition

Something that would probably hurt the Avs more than the Sharks would be a rematch of these two in the playoffs.  Though Murray plays big minutes for the Sharks, the loss of the Avs top line winger and highest goal scorer during the regular season, for FIVE minutes would be worse than the Sharks losing Murray for five.  Blake, Boyle and Vlasic can easily cover the sin-binned Murray.

On the other hand, this endless face washing and shoving matches at every whistle is ridiculous.  And a real good fight might just clear that up.
On another note, I've already heard a ton of people start with the whole angle against fighting now that the playoffs are here.  Some claim that fighting is non-existent in the playoffs.  Others make the same claim, add a comma and a caveat.  
Either way, they phrase it as though the playoffs are better hockey because there's no fighting.
Whatever, the playoffs are better because it's the playoffs, not because there's no fighting.  Which there is...

-From the Point

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