Sunday, April 18, 2010

Avs-Sharks: Is it a Sell Out? Is it a White Out?

There's been some talk on Twitter and in the blogs, the fans want to show this team that we are supporting them.  So if you are going to tonight's game be sure to wear white!  We will be.

But of course there is also the unending discussion about the attendance this year.  Terry Frei writes this morning in his Denver Post blog about it.  Read it HERE (Oops! where did the link go?  Bad Terry!  The Post must not have liked that honest opinion.  Nonetheless, the cached version is still available HERE) and tell me that isn't an open letter to his coworker, Adrian Dater.

Here are a couple of tasty bits from it:

" media members with press credentials available or hanging around their necks should be granted any credibility when blasting Colorado fandom for the lack of a sellout..."
"It’s even more ridiculous when those passing the judgment are not here or aren’t buying tickets themselves."
"I still think we in the media have a bit of an obligation to strive for professionalism and objectivity in discussing all matters, including attendance."
That word 'strive' in italics?  Yeah, that is Terry's emphasis, not mine.

On to the series!  And what a series so far. 

Sharks “Feel Good” About Themselves

Fans of the Colorado Avalanche can feel good about how this team is performing so far in the playoffs. The players obviously feel pretty good about how they have played so far. Despite the game two OT loss, there was little talk of one that got away, blah-blah-blah. They know the deal; they weren’t even supposed to win the first one.

On the other hand, or more specifically, in the other locker room, the Sharks are feeling pretty good about themselves as well. So shouldn’t the fans as well?

Here are a couple of quotes by the Sharks after game two:

“These are the kind of things that happen in the playoffs,” high-energy center Scott Nichol said. “It was a rollercoaster ride and everyone played well up and down the lineup. … I think we can all go home and feel good about ourselves.”

“I think everybody feels good about themselves after the game they played,” Sharks forward Joe Thornton said. “Hopefully, we’ll carry that into (Sunday).”

Really? You barely pulled that off. You were behind THE. WHOLE. GAME!

Thornton’s line scored 40 percent of the team’s goals in the regular season but haven’t put the puck in the net in this series.

“It really doesn’t matter who is on the ice as long as we get the job done,” Thornton said. “At this point of the year, it’s all about wins. That’s all that matters.”

As an Avs fan, I like that attitude from Thornton. Nothing like your star player showing apathy when it comes to crunch time.

I much prefer Duchene’s attitude. After the OT loss he said

“I feel a little bit responsible for not burying those two chances.”

Along with a little responsibility, the Avs have a little bit of chip on their shoulder.

“I’m going to play hard every time I’m out on the ice. If they don’t like it, it’s too bad,” Galiardi said. “If Boyle thinks he can’t be hit, then it’s too bad.”

When pressed about Blake’s huge hit:

“Didn’t even hurt at all,” Galiardi said.

The Avs have gone from cellar to stellar this season, and if the Sharks don’t like it, it’s too bad!

-From the Point

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  1. I just got a whole new level of respect for Galiardi.