Friday, April 16, 2010

Those Damn Kids, Can’t Tell Them Anything!

The Colorado Avalanche came out flying around in their first playoff game and looked great. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Did someone forget to tell the Avs they have no chance?
Was it just plain ignorance?

Maybe these guys haven’t been reading the papers? Cause if they were they would know better. They aren’t supposed to win. Sure, the Sharks have that whole choking thing to overcome. But this is the lowly Avs. The Avs that were falling apart at the end of the season. Were declared “done” after the Olympic break.

Yep, blame it on plain ole ignorance. These kids just don’t know any better. Damn kids!

I’ve been critical of some of Sacco’s coaching decisions this season, but I’ve got to say that he deserves credit for getting the team ready for game one. Ten guys on this team made their playoff debut in that 2-1 win on Wednesday night. I would say Sacco is doing a fine job of handling this team’s young guns.

Hey! Let’s play a little game of Which One Doesn’t Belong

TJ Galiardi could have lost a tooth when an errant stick hit him right in the pie-hole. He took fourteen stitches in his upper and lip and was back out there in no time.

"That's playoff hockey!"

Maybe the Avs are the wrong team to hit in the mouth. All season long everyone has underestimated this team. The playoff prognosticators even admit as much…and then STILL pick the Sharks in five.

Picking the Sharks in five is safe and could still be correct. But most of those fortune-tellers expected that one Avalanche win to be at home, so now what?

Honestly, now the expectations go up just a little in the Avalanche locker room. So even though ignorance is bliss, these guys can’t be ignorant of the fact that we as fans are expecting another stellar performance!

At the same time, the Sharks are probably starting to wonder if they hit the wrong guy in the chops.

Five Reasons I love Playoff Hockey
  1. Avs are in the playoffs
  2. Avs are in the playoffs!
  3. I have an excuse to grow a scraggly beard
  4. With this scraggly beard, I don’t have to shave and I get to work 5 minutes early
  5. With this scraggly beard, my boss doesn’t suspect that I’m looking for a job
-From the Point


  1. Ehh, 5 minutes early to work doesn't really matter when you show up to work at 10 everyday!!!

  2. The key word there is EVERYDAY! At least I show up!!!