Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NHL Awards

I thought I would give my predictions about who’s going to be in the running for each award and who’s going to win the hardware. Keep in mind that I’m one of the top scorers in D2 league hockey, so I know what I’m talking about, believe me!!!

Hart Trophy
Sidney Crosby
Henrik Sedin
Alex Ovechkin
Winner: Sidney Crosby

What he did this season with the players around him makes him the winner. Sedin and Ovie are great players but they had more support from their line mates than Crosby did. Who did he play with all season??? Kunitz, Guerin, Dupuis. He really stepped it up because I think he felt he didn’t really have a choice in the matter.

Vezina Trophy
Martin Brodeur
Ryan Miller
Ilya Bryzgalov

Winner: Ryan Miller

Man did he ever elevate his game this season. Of course the other two candidates were great but Miller was outstanding the whole season. I know it doesn’t count but his performance in the Olympics was just brilliant.

Norris trophy
Duncan Keith
Mike Green
Drew Doughty

Winner: Mike Green

His plus minus was great plus no other defense put up the number he did. His absence from the Canadian Olympic team was a bit odd if you ask me but if he keeps playing like this, he’ll definitely be at the next one (assuming NHL players can play).

Calder Trophy
Tyler Myers
Tuukka Rask
Matt Duchene

Winner: Matt Duchene

He started off a bit slow but he picked up his game towards the end there. He became a huge asset for the Avs. Seeing how hard he works in the corner and behind the net, just makes watching him fun. He’s going to have a bright career in the NHL.

Frank Selke Trophy
Jordan Staal
Pavel Datsyuk
Patrick Marleau

Winner: Jordan Staal

He had a great year. I thought by now he would be putting up bigger numbers but that’s not really what he brings to the team. Every time Dan Bylsma chooses the match ups, he puts Staal against the opposing teams best line. That’s saying a lot about the trust he puts in Staal.

Jack Adams Award
Joe Sacco
Dave Tippett
Mike Babcock

Winner: Dave Tippett

Do I really need to explain this one! The Coyotes finished with over 100 points. Trust me, nobody saw that coming and this makes him the easy winner.

I know I forgot a few trophies here but I mentioned the ones I knew my hockey expertise would help me.


  1. You forgot one for the Vezina Trophy...Budaj. C'mon, give Budaj some loving! His butt is getting sore!

  2. LOL, I'm sorry but Budaj doesn't get a nomination for the Vezina. But..........I will say that he should have in fact been played more this season....to give Anderson a break. That's the best I can do about Budaj!