Thursday, May 6, 2010

Buffy the Canuck Slayer

I'd be angry too if I wore that jersey on the glass
It's hard to say who's a bigger douche bag, that guy on the glass or Dustin Butt-fu#kin-ugly.  And if you think Buffy plays ugly, you are right.  Turns out he got a hat trick with that last goal and that was as ugly as it gets!

Oh wait, THIS is uglier.

I love players like Buffy.  He's mean, he's ugly and he's passionate.  He's the guy that everyone one on every other team absolutely HATES!  I would take that guy on the Avs ANY day.  Be better than Darcy freakin' Tucker.

And what's up with the Sedin-bot trying to get bad-ass?  That is some funny shit.  I mean c'mon.  It's about as genuine as Heidi Montag.  Don't get me wrong, all hockey players are tough, it's a tough game.  But when it comes to a little mucking and some actual nastiness, they don't have it.
That wraps another well informed game recap for game #3, Hawks are good to go from here on out!

-From the Point

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