Thursday, May 13, 2010

Second Annual Real Denver Sports Helmet Awards

With the season over for the Avs, I thought we could once again pass out some awards to some deserving Colorado Avalanche players. Real Denver Sports would like to acknowledge the players of the Colorado Avalanche with the meaningless Helmet Awards.
The categories, strictly made up on the spot, by myself and the staff are:

For taking more Shit than any other Avalanche Player that actually did his Job-David Koci
People who say Koci is worthless clearly don’t understand his role on this team. He wasn’t here to score goals, kill penalties or skate fast. He was here to fight and I never saw him shy away from a fight. So you can assault (pun intended) his role, but it’s hard to say he didn’t do his job. Did he win every fight? No. But I’m pretty sure that every guy he fought could kick your ass easily. Unless Scott Parker is reading this. (hopeful)

Highest pay per TOI Award-Ruslan Salei
Salei wins this by a mile racking up a whopping $12,452.00/minute of playing time. Don’t tell me about injuries, all the runners up were injured as well. And some of them were benched extensively.

Best ball cap Award-Peter Budaj
No Competition.
What?  I couldn't find a pic of Budaj in a cap, seriously.
I think he scrubbed the internets of them!!
So here is a pic of a cap...and an ice girl.

Meanest Nickname- Marek Svatos for "Midget"
According to Liles that is one of his nicknames, which he pointed out during an interview. Joking or otherwise…that's just mean!

I’m not Granato Award-Joe Sacco
Nope, not even close. Did you notice those Pens are done? Granato.
The only thing that worries me about Sacco is the hard-ass mentality. I saw an early season interview with him and he was asked if the players could talk to him, did he have an open door policy? The answer: No. Emphatically.
Was G-Money driving the Zamboni after the Pens loss??

The Mike Milbury Just Hit Someone Award-Ryan Wilson
If Wilson can stay healthy I think he has a future on this team.  I like a D-man that knows when to hammer a guy and when to make a play.  Wilson at his best can do both.  Pretty good for a guy that was a throw-in on a trade.

Peter Pocklington Award-Greg Sherman
For trading Ryan Smyth. Captain Canada! I love that guy! I’m still pissed! I can’t let go!
Ok, maybe that is a bit overboard but was Kyle Quincey really THAT valuable this season and Preissing sure wasn’t. Just imagine if this young team had the experience leadership and scoring ability of Ryan Smyth?

Best toothy(less) grin-Ryan O’Reilly

Best Duo since Drury/Hejduk-Duchene/O’Reilly
While The Duke and Drooooory were pleasant surprises for such late round picks. You’ve got to give the kids a lot of credit for living up to the expectations at 18 years old. These two should be great for years to come. Until we trade O’Reilly and THAT will be the worst trade EVER….sheesh!


  1. I know I'm not the only reader that feels very fortunate that you weren't able to find a picture of Budaj in a hat. The one you used is 100 times better than any picture of Budaj anyways. =) Great post!

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  3. Sweet read man, very enjoyable. I agree with the pic you used is 10 times better than a pic of Budaj.

    If you like this kind of stuff you should visit my blog.

  4. Nice Post Cuz. Thought you should know that I'm starting to get into your sport thanks to the last couple weeks of Blackhawks success! Sorry the Avs aren't still playing too!