Saturday, May 1, 2010

Canucks VS Blackhawks

Battle for a Western Conf. berth is at stake tonight.  Frenchy and I make our predictions.

For this series, I don’t really know what side to go for. It’s going to be tuff one. When looking at the depth of these two teams, they seem to be pretty equal. Let’s take a look at what these two teams are bringing to the table.

On one side, we all know what the Sedin twins can do when they’re on fire, those guys play like they’re two bodies using one brain. Samuelsson has stepped it up and scored some important goals. But, the Blackhawks can of course counter that with Toews, Kane and……Sharp. I want to say Hossa here but the truth is that he hasn’t played to his standards. There’s just something about Hossa when he shows up to a playoff game, he’s just not the same. When you get paid to score goals and yet only have one in 6 games, time to get going.

As for the D, Salo has been good as always and Edler is really becoming an elite defensemen. The Canucks don’t let that many shots go through and that is always a plus. For the Hawks, good news is that Campbell is back. Without him I would say their chances would be a lot smaller. Not only do they need him to be there to stop the rushes but he’s also got that offense skill that they need from the blue line. Let’s not forget that the Hawks have Duncan Keith, a Norris nominee, can’t be all that bad right?

The goaltending is where the Canucks might have a little problem, key word being little. Luongo can be insanely good at some times but he gets those little stretches where he just doesn’t seem to get it. If he doesn’t show up ready for a good series, they’re going to be in trouble. But, it could be worse though, they could have Quenneville as a coach. He’s a known goalie killer and why would it be different here. In my mind, Niemi has yet to prove himself an elite goaltender in this league. Maybe this is the series where he proves himself, we shall see.

I know for a fact that From the Point is going to jump on the Hawks bandwagon now that the Avs are out of the playoffs. But…I’m sure there’s more to it than that. He might not want to admit it but he likes the Hawks because of Quenneville. More specifically, the mustache. That thing is rockin’!!!! Maybe he thinks that thing has got super powers or something.

                    After the Game 1 disaster, Neimi decided to grow a mustache just like Coach Q.

Well it might have some super powers but winning the Stanley Cup isn’t one of them. This one is going to be tight but I just don’t see the Hawks pulling this off. The fact is that as soon as Hossa is on a team, it will not win the Stanley Cup.

Canucks in seven.

From the Point
Just how do the Hawks keep getting these nice long breaks between series? I’d say something smells fishy but it’s probably just the Canucks. Man do they stink! Or maybe that’s just Roberto Luongo that smells up the place?

Sure, he had a nice, ok, great game against the Kings in game six.

So Bobby-Lu is either on the verge of getting his playoff mojo or it’s just another “up” in his lackluster up and down play since…er…that giant contract was signed.

No matter, the Hawks are unstoppable. I don’t really know why I even bothered to root for my Avs all season long when the inevitability of the Hawks winning the cup has been SO apparent all season long. Despite Mr. Mustache running the team. And despite what Frenchy says, it is Niemi that has the super powers.

Don’t listen to him Capt. Niemi!
Now how to explain the Hossa Effect? Simple. The year with the Pens is a simple case of the Wings being better. The year with the Wings is a simple case of the Curse of Def Leppard.

The Sedin twinkies are a force to contend with, there is no doubt about that. However, Capt. Niemi will look like Wonder Woman fending off bullets with magic bracelets anytime the Sedins start firing. They will have no chance to score. In fact I willing to say right here, right now that the Sedins will go scoreless through this round. No, wait, I predict that the ‘Nucks will not score ONE. SINGLE. GOAL. On the great and powerful Capt. Niemi!

Hawks in…wait for it…four.

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