Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Broncos Prediction Part Deux

Last year the gloom and doomers said the Broncos were going to be lucky to win 3 or 4 games. I said it was bull; the Denver Broncos aren’t the Detroit Lions or the Cincinnati Bungles. They still aren’t one of THOSE teams.

But this year I’m going to have to say that they are going to have one of THOSE years.

The running game? Knowshon Moreno will be less than 100% all season. The Broncos best hope to limp through the season was a three pronged approach with Moreno, Buckhalter and White. The running game will be like Eight Belles at the Kentucky Derby.

And how about this defense? It don’t be long before defensive coordinator, Don 'Wink' Martindale will soon be trading his defense for what’s behind Door #2. Folks, Elvis has left the building.

Orton is a much better QB than I gave him credit for after the trade. But he is now faced with the same problem that doomed Plummer…there’s no one to throw to. At the end of the year, when people are ripping Orton’s stats and saying he is a crappy QB, just remember what he had to work with this season. Eddie Royal and Jabar Gaffney? Please.

Even though Orton is a decent QB, he isn’t “likeable,” that and McD’s Tebow love could cause a premature QB switch. The contract extension Orton got might be a good sign that McDaniels is willing to be patient with Tebow’s development. Unless the losing is so bad that there’s nothing to lose by giving the rookie some playing time.

With that in mind I want you to sing along with me to the tune of Eric Clapton’s Tulsa Time…but this is the Josh McD remix…

Living on Tebow time.
Living on Tebow time.
Gonna bet my career on it
Cause I know that he can do it.
Living on Tebow time.

Living on Tebow time.
Living on Tebow time.
Gonna build my playbook on him.
Cause I know that he can win.
Living on Tebow time.

And with that lyrical butcher job it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Wins and losses.

The Broncos will win the following games:
St. Louis

The Broncos should win the following games:
Oakland, one time
Kansas City, one time

The Broncos could (but I doubt it) win the following games:
San Francisco

The Broncos have no chance winning the following games:
Jacksonville – the Broncos are what… 0 – 4 million in hot, humid games?
Indy – please, might as well just give it to them.
Titans – um…no.
Jets – surprise! No.
KC – The Broncos will go back to their losing ways in Missouri, it’ll be like an arrow in their head.
Oakland – the Raiders are a horrible team and yet the Broncos got beat by them last year, at home, by a currently unemployed, fat-ass, first-round flop. Pathetic. To be fair, part of that padding on JaMarcus Russell’s ass is a big fat wallet. Now that Shanahan is gone so is the fire to beat this joke of a team. Sad.
Baltimore – Nope!
San Diego – Nope, not even once, well…maybe the last game of the year if the Chargers are resting people. But I doubt it.

Some of these wins/losses are interchangeable. Like the Broncos might win the last game against SD but they will even things out by losing to KC twice instead of a split. Or surprise the Jets but get punked by the Cardinals.

It’s just going to be that ugly, I hate to say it.

Broncos go 5-11.

-From the Point


  1. Dont give up your day job. Your analysis is garbage and the broncos will atleast double your win prediction.

  2. Not quitting the day job, but I'm 3-0 so far with the 'garbage' predictions.