Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Denver Broncos Season Prediction

Here are my predictions for the 2010 season. We all know of course that the Broncos took Tim Tebow at this year’s draft. Some might think this was a mistake but I think it wasn’t all that bad. Talking to From the Point and from what I’ve seen on TV, Tim landing in Denver has created a lot of interest in the Broncos. Always a good thing when the fans get interested in a team. Let’s be real though, Tim will most likely not play this season. Kyle Orton has looked pretty sharp this preseason, maybe he’s the real deal. The biggest problem I see for the Broncos this season, besides trying to find someone to step into Brandon Marshall’s shoes, is the injuries. My god, the Broncos just can’t seem to stay healthy. Now for the purpose of my predictions, I will assume that they will have every player healthy. I’ve got the Broncos going 8-8 this season, here’s my break down.

Week 1 - Broncos VS Jaguars WIN
     I just believe that the Broncos have a better depth chart than the Jaguars.
Week 2 -Broncos VS Seahawks LOSE
     If Hasselbeck is healthy, the Seahawks can win this.
Week 3 - Broncos VS Colts LOSE
     Let’s be serious, they can’t win against the Colts. Forget it.
Week 4 – Broncos VS Titans LOSE
     Even though I don’t think the Titans are as good as they were a couple of years ago, they can still pull off a win against the Broncos.
Week 5 – Broncos VS Ravens LOSE
     A win here, don’t think so. Ravens just have better players
Week 6 - Broncos VS Jets WIN
     I’m not a big believer that the Jets are that good. If the Broncos play this right, they can win.
Week 7 - Broncos VS Raiders WIN
     Although the Raiders have looked good during the pre season, it’s just that, the pre season. At the end of the day, the Raiders are still………………………………the Raiders.
Week 8 - Broncos VS 49ers WIN
     Singletary whipped the 49ers into a pretty decent team but they’re still not there yet.
Week 9 – Bye
Week 10 - Broncos VS Chiefs WIN
     Chiefs are getting better but again, it’s a team that just isn’t there yet.
Week 11 - Broncos VS Chargers LOSE
     Chargers lost LT this off season but that will just make them better if you ask me.
Week 12 - Broncos VS Rams WIN
     Rookie QB that almost didn’t play last year in college running the Rams this season can’t have a happy ending.
Week 13 - Broncos VS Chiefs LOSE
     Sounds stupid but I can’t see the Broncos win a game in Kansas, don’t really know why though.
Week 14 - Broncos VS Cardinals WIN
     Derek Anderson is the number 1 QB in Arizona nowadays, LOL.
Week 15 - Broncos VS Raiders WIN
     Again, it’s the freaking Raiders
Week 16 - Broncos VS Texans LOSE
      Depends on which Titans team shows up but I’ll guess that the Broncos just won’t have enough.
Week 17 - Broncos VS Chargers LOSE
     Broncos can’t win against the Chargers in the finale week, we saw that two years ago.


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