Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Broncos or Rams???

So I’m a loyal fan of my sports teams…but I am not an impractical guy.
For example, let’s say I get a great job in Philadelphia. Becoming a Philly fan just might be a matter of practicality. Denver being so far away and even with all the super cable/satellite coverage of the modern era, Philly is still going to be the most accessible team.
Now if I got a job in Detroit, (ridiculous! we all know there are no jobs in Detroit) well the hell with being practical. I’ll never be a Dead Wings or Loser Lions fan in my life.

The point of this meandering babble is just this: is it time for me to become a loyal fan of the St Louis Rams?
Or do I stick with my Denver Broncos?
Now you might think this a silly question when I just pointed out above that the home town boys are the practical team to root for.
There are always extenuating circumstances, no?
In this case it is important to remember that Denver is also home to the:
Colorado Avalanche
Denver Nuggets
Colorado Mammoth
Colorado Rapids
Ad nauseam
Do you see the common threat…er…thread here?
And don’t forget that Futball team as well, the Asterisk or some-such?
Clearly we are dealing with a man obsessed with taking over the state of Colorado, if not the WORLD!
What’s next? The CU Buffs are probably fighting off a hostile, backroom take-over as I type this! And with the budget issues in this state it just might happen.

So what happens if this orange-blooded, card-carryin’ Bronco fan is subjected to a little interrogation in the bowels of the Pepsi Center on the Avs opening night?
What if He finds out I’m not 100% on the Kroenke bandwagon?
Will I have a premium tacked onto my Avs tickets (another one…)?
Will I have to pay $7-8 for a beer?
Who wants to mess with a guy like that? Not me, I’ve got enough to do. I don’t need to piss off a megalo-$-maniac.
So…who is the Rams quarterback? No matter! Go Rams!

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