Monday, September 20, 2010

Avalanche Burgundy & White Game

Tonight the Avs held their annual Burgundy and White game.  After a couple of years of being hosted at the Air Force Academy it was moved back to the Denver area.  The new-to-Kroenke Broomfield Center is a great little venue for just this kind of event.  The event center has been through a management change that resulted in the departure of the minor league teams.  There were reports that the locker rooms were dismantled and rumors that it would not host sporting events ever again.  Fortunately the big "A" painted at center ice was a good indication that the facility still has all it needs to run a hockey game.

Remember, "It's All About the A"

Tonight's "A" stands for Ass.  Or Adam.  Interchangeable.

Footer has been a bit pissy all camp but has been promoted to Five Star Ass after tonight's game.  Not only did he ASSault Matt Duchene twice in the game but he also took a good shot at Mueller(?) can't recall exactly.  Perhaps it's all part of a new training regime for Duchene where he gets mugged on the ice by his landlord.  It's possible, since he did get mugged a lot early last year by just about every team that played the Avs.  As for why Foote has been mugging other players at random?  I attribute it to poor eyesight.  The guy IS pretty old. 

Fantasic video, nice job by Guitarpick8120, obviously a great Avs fan!

As for the rest of the game, the goalies that matter looked good.  TJ Galiardi looked very good with his usual line mates, Stewart and Stastny.

O'Reilly looked pretty good as did Jones.  The Duchene - Mueller - Hejduk line was not impressive, though individually they looked fine.  Just not clicking as a line. 

Almost had a fight between Koci and McLeod.  Kinda glad it didn't happen, Koci is a big guy and I like McLeod.  Daniel Winnik also continues to play well.  Shattenkirk had a good game.  Porter was skating like a mad man but not getting too much done.  Stoa and Mercier were looking decent.

Sakic was spotted in the suites with the rest of the Avs Illuminati, further fueling thought that he isn't just hanging around for autographs.  He working himself into a work.

-From the Point

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