Sunday, September 26, 2010

Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts

Here's a nice little sequence of Eddie Royal juking (or trying) the opponents. Nice try Eddie.

Haven't seen much in the way of jersey fouls yet this year, but one I did see that I couldn't get a  picture of...remember HE HATE ME from the XFL?  Of course you do.  Last week at the Seattle game I saw a Seahawks fan with SHE LOVE ME.  Wow, stupid.

Is anyone else at the games having serious trouble getting ANY sort of cell service?  Email, data, internet?  I'm getting nothing and it's irritating as hell!  No one around me is getting anything either.  One theory is that the Fan Vision devices are causing interference.  If anyone knows anything I would appreciate a comment or send me an email.  Just check the contact page for the email addy.

-From the Point

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