Friday, January 21, 2011

Dutchy’s Gapping Pie-hole

What is it with all the pictures of Duchene’s open mouth? Did you see this one on Puck Daddy the other day?
And I think Altitude always uses some dopey looking picture of him with his mouth open. I suppose they are “action” shots of him screaming in celebration, but they still bug me. Reminds me too much of Mike Modano always skating around with his maw open like he’s hoping to catch a fly, get a little extra protein during the game I suppose. Not that it hurt his dating scene.

Reminds me of one fine day when I was mtn. biking and upon a quick intake of breathe I sucked some sort of flying insect right down my throat where he promptly got stuck.
No one enjoys eating bugs but to have a live one wriggling and squirming in my throat was really kinda freaking me out.
After a few seconds of trying to spit him out I said screw it, grabbed my water bottle and washed him down.
While I was not happy about this, I guess I’m not the one that died a horrible death in stomach acids…
True story.
So anyways…
Shut your trap Dutchy!!

Side note regarding the All Star Game Draft: Dutchy says (in the Puck Daddy interview) it’s no big deal if Lindstrom picks him as he would find it interesting since he was watching the Avs-Wings back in the 90’s…when he was five or six years old! And would enjoy talking with Lindstom about that. BWahahaha! That WOULD be awesome, talk about makin’ the guy feel as old as a dinosaur.

-From the Point

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