Thursday, January 20, 2011

Joe Sacco – Tough SOB

It’s all about the A. Dater said the other day in his Twitter feed that Sacco is a tough SOB. I’ve suspected as much for a long time now. Here and there I’ve seen interviews and such that made me think that he projects this persona, or perhaps it is not a persona, that you don’t want to mess with the guy.
I don’t get the feeling that he is a players coach. You aren’t going into his office to have a warm sunny chat. If you are in that office at all you are probably in big trouble.
Sacco has sent TJ Galiardi down to the minors to “work on his game.” While I agree that Galiardi hasn’t been as good as we’ve seen, I’m not really that surprised either. Couple reasons, the first is that I never thought the kid was 1st line material anyway, nor do a lot of bloggers/fans. Second, seems like Sacco wants 3rd line mentality on the 1st line and that might be a bit difficult to achieve all the time.
Regardless, Sacco is sending a message once again with his tough love.
Will it work?
I have no idea.
But if it doesn’t, get ready for the fall out.
Sacco seems to have a tendency to look a bit schizophrenic with his lines. Defensively he has really messed with a few guys…but mostly with good results.
Liles got a little bench time last season and that was shocking, to say the least.
Hunwick is finally getting the seat after the fans have ridden him mercilessly for weeks. We saw this same thing with Wilson earlier in the season where it seemed that Sacco could have benched the guy a little sooner. However, I do have to think that perhaps Sacco should be given a little credit for trying to let guys play their way out of a slump.
We all saw what a mess you can make of a player (goalies specifically) when Quenneville was here with his quick hook. So maybe Sacco should be given a little credit for being patient with really young guys?
But when he does drop the hammer, he’s not fooling around. For now at least, the message seems to be getting through.

-From the Point

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