Sunday, November 15, 2009

What the hell happened last night?!?!?!?

Ok, I really don't understand what happened last night. The Avs lost 8-2. Anderson looked pretty human last night with those four goals he let in. But what I can't believe is Budaj, holy crap! Just to show how bad it was, I went on to get the stats.

Total saves for the night, 4 out of 8 shots. That's 50% folks. WOW!! I've never been a fan of Budaj, didn't agree with him getting a raise at all. But last night he brought the sucking to a whole new level. Yes yes, he came off the bench and all that stuff but an NHL goaltender need to be better than 50%.

The Avs better get back on track soon because they don't look like the team at the beginning of the season. I really want this team to do well this season. I really thought Duchene would have more points by now but on a good note for last nights game, he was 0 in the +/- while most of the team was in the minus. Hopefully he'll get in the groove of things soon and start scoring some goals. I still have hope in this team, just not Budaj!

- The Shocker


  1. To be completely fair: He was absolutely left out to dry by his defense. 2 of the goals were no-chance at all, No goalie on the planet could save them.

    Also at least the other one I saw was not exactly a softie either. (I didn't see the last goal cause frankly I left).

    Let's not Budaj-bash when he's lined up in a shooting gallery there.

  2. The Shocker is always looking for a chance to Budaj bash, no doubt about it, the whole team sucked BAD.