Monday, February 8, 2010

Five for Fighting Monday - The Gordie Howe Hat Trick

Chris Stewart of my Avs does it up right in this one, good goal, great assist and an amusing, if not great fight.  The fight isn't so great but it was the opponent that was the problem, Stewart was more than willing, garnering an instigator, the 5 for fighting and misconduct.

After taking a run at Matt Duchene, Bryan Allen was probably surprised at the ferocity that came his way.  You get Stewart fired up and the kid is just dangerous!  Allen may have even hurt himself with all the contortions he performed in the effort to get away from Stewie.

The Avs lost this one in the shootout.  Stephen Weiss had a regular hat trick in the game.  Great as the GHHT is, it's still less goals.

Iginla was SO close to the ever-elusive Double Gordie Howe Hat Trick!
Netting two goals, two assists and a fight. 

This is Calgary's second GHHT as a team.  Brian McGrattan and the Flames notched the first of the season, that was a win for the Flames over the Canucks. 

This could be the cheapest GHHT ever. You call that a fight, Nash?
And what's with that cheap goal? 
This season, the team with the GHHT wins more often than not, way to tarnish the GHHT legacy Columbus.
This is Colunbus' second GHHT, the first by Jared Boll.  Boll registered two fights in the (again) losing effort against the Rangers.
Stupid Blue Jackets.

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