Tuesday, April 6, 2010

That’s Why They Play the Games

The Colorado Avalanche aren’t the only ones that have had an erratic week or two. The fans that live and die with this team have had a rough time as well. There’s been everything from declaring the Avs “done” to rationalizing that it would be a good thing to miss the playoffs.

Even Avs beat writer and reverse jinx extraordinaire Adrian Dater predicted after the Flames loss that the Avs would not win another game the rest of the season.

“…I don’t see them winning even one game the rest of the way. That’s right, I said not one game.”
That sort of nincompoop hyperbole is what makes Dater such a beloved writer guy in this town.  The Avs played the Sharks Sunday night like they DO want to make the playoffs. Where Dater got it right in the article is that the Avs have become victims of the chaos in front of Craig Anderson.

I think there is little doubt that Anderson is a true number one goalie. But the Avalanche have become too dependent on Anderson saving their butt game in and game out. This team needs to clear out that space in front of the net. They need to own it and stop renting it out to the opposition. It’s killing them.

Not everyone was beating the drum of doom. The faithful at Mile High Hockey still believe. And why shouldn’t we? As it turns out the “four-point” game against the Flames WASN’T the end of the world as we know it, though the clichés nearly reached critical mass.

The Avalanche can clinch a playoff spot tonight by winning the game and a regulation loss by the Flames.

Simple as that.

Well, it SOUNDS simple. The surprisingly potent Peter Mueller has been declared unfit for duty for the foreseeable future. Uh-oh. The fact that Mueller has been anything but a bust since he got here makes his absence all the more difficult at this crucial point in the playoff push.

Nonetheless, the ‘Nucks have not preemptively been declared the winners of tonight’s match.

There’s still a game to play.

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